Conservatory Leak Repaired In Blackwater

This is our latest conservatory repair in Blackwater was especially enjoyable due to the location and the beautiful sunshine that we were blessed with.

After a week of heavy rain, it was refreshing to be back on a conservatory roof, in the countryside in Blackwater.

This particular customer had purchased an aluminium conservatory from a company about five years ago but it had several leaks.

We repaired the leaks today with a belt and braces approach to ensure a long lasting & worry free repair.


Best Glaze conservatory repairs

The first thing we do is put up scaffolding and bridging boards so that we can carry out the work efficiently and safely.

Installed new lead

Tom and Steve setting installing new lead flashing as the old flashing did not have any upstand. Lead news around 150mm to run up the wall and the same to cover the roof for a good weathertight seal.

The guys raked a 25mm deep cut into the host wall for the new lead flashing to be put into, this creates a good seal.

Lead flashing installation conservatory repair

Once the lead is cut into sections around 700mm long it is posted into the raked out grove and held in place with stainless steel lead clips, this will all be sealed at the end of the installation.

Conservatory repairs in Blackwater

Once the lead is in place we back seal the lead where it meets the roof, this adds another layer of protection against water ingress. The lead is then dressed into shape and is finally sealed with lead sealant.

cleasn the roof down after lead flashing installation

After the lead is sealed up and dressed in, we clean the roof down, we even cleaned the gutters on this occasion to the house and the conservatory.

Best Glaze conservatory repairs

With the conservatory repair complete, there is time to take in the views and enjoy a bit of the sunshine!

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