A Guide to DIY Conservatory Maintenance

Conservatory maintenance is simple and something every homeowner can to add life and beauty to their home. A conservatory, Orangery or Glass extension make wonderful editions to our homes adding vital extra space, a comfortable room that can be enjoyed all the year round whilst adding value to our homes and our lifestyles.

This type of home extension has a reputation, though be it from poor installation, failing parts or cheap products. We have all heard the horror stories about leaks, doors sticking shut and windows that won’t open, haven’t we?

Most of these types of issues seem serious but could be totally avoided with some research into products, suppliers and installers experience along with some well-planned maintenance. The longevity of your home extension begins well before the installation.

Once you’re done here, you can return to our conservatory roof replacement information hub to explore your options.

Less isn't always more when choosing a conservatory

It is true that not all conservatories, orangeries or glass extensions are made equal, the same is true for the companies selling or installing them, having said that paying more doesn’t guarantee a superior product or installation.

Keep it local

Where possible you should always try to use a local company rather than a national firm, you will get more bang for your buck when buying local, better service and aftercare without over inflated prices. Many family-run or smaller home improvements companies do not employ pushy salespeople which means you won’t have someone in a suit trying to sell you something you do not need or want (all for the manager’s special price).

Replacing a conservatory roof is less expensive

The conservatory roof or rather the conservatory roof parts are usually the first bits of the build to begin to fail, this is because they are exposed to the elements 24/7 and due to the lightweight nature of a conservatory roof it eventually starts to wear out faster than the frames.

A conservatory roof is one large lightweight component made up of many smaller parts all of which play a part in keeping us protected from the elements, that is until one of those parts ceases to function as it should.

Tracking down a leak in a conservatory roof can sometimes be a tedious task and if it does require replacement parts there is no guarantee that you will be able to get them. Older polycarbonate sheets begin to break down after about 5 years and at around 10 years they are usually past repair.

If you have a leaking roof but the frames are good, why not just replace the conservatory roof, its less expensive than replacing the whole conservatory and could go on to last another 20 years. This would be the ideal opportunity to upgrade to a solid tile conservatory roof.

Replacing conservatory roof parts

Replacing conservatory roof parts such as failed glazing panels is inexpensive and can be replaced in a short amount of time. Where this process begins to become complicated is when the glazing caps are brittle and replacements are impossible to source as they are obsolete. Always have the engineer check that the glazing bar covers can still be sourced before ordering replacement glazing panels, a good engineer can spot the difference between an Ultralite 500 and an obsolete cap.