Conservatory Insulation Could Save You Money

Conservatory Insulation

Conservatory Insulation is a fantastic way of saving money on heating bills and even adding value to your home. Climate change has made everyone think about their carbon footprint and how to make their homes more energy-efficient in 2020, let’s take a look at how conservatory insulation could not only save you money but could make you money…

Different Options For Conservatory Insulation

There are many options when it comes to Conservatory Insulation, some are good and will work well, others are just plain dangerous and could actually cost you or a loved one their life, it’s important to know what is acceptable and what is not.

conservatory roof collapse

Conservatory Roof Collapse

Adding a conservatory to your home is a wonderful addition that creates extra space for you and your family, creating a light and airy room. A lot of people go for the most inexpensive way of building a conservatory choosing either a Polycarbonate roof or a Glass Roof, these types of roof are perfect for bringing a bit of the outside inside, admiring the beautiful views and creating a little slice of heaven where you can relax in the comfort of your own space whilst still enjoying the garden and all it has to offer.

The problem soon becomes apparent, the beautiful space becomes unusable for most of the year as the Polycarbonate and Glass roofs are not very thermally efficient. Nobody wants a room that you can only enjoy for a few weeks of the year, this is when conservatory owners usually start searching for Conservatory Insulation.

When you add a conservatory to your house it can be a beautiful addition to your home giving you a light, airy additional space. Thanks to the whole conservatory roof being made of glass you get to take in the beautiful views, sit and relax while reading a good book and enjoying a nice glass of wine.

The problem is, despite the space being extremely beautiful and inviting, you can only enjoy it for only a few weeks each year. Apart from those few weeks,  all year round you will find yourself trying to figure out the best way to insulate your conservatory roof so that you can enjoy the room all year round.

During the summer months, conservatories are usually too hot and during the winter, they get far too cold, this is why most Polycarbonate roof conservatories & older glass roof conservatories become dumping grounds. Your dreams of winding down in your beautiful conservatory with a good book and a glass of wine seem distant.

This is the trouble when the majority of the heat that is so desperately needed to make your conservatory useable in the winter, simply escapes through the roof. The very same glass conservatory roof that makes your conservatory attractive to you is in reality unfit for purpose, costing you money and harming the planet.

You will find yourself searching for the best ways to insulate a conservatory roof, you will come across all sorts of weird and wonderful adverts all promising a cheap way to make your conservatory useable again. This when you need to know exactly what you are looking for, the pitfalls to conservatory insulation, and the cost of conservatory roof insulation.

Retrofit Thermal Blinds / Curtains

Retrofitting conservatory blinds or curtains to your conservatory windows and doors can reduce drafts and prevent warm air from escaping your room. Installing thermal conservatory blinds would be better than standard blinds. If installing thermal curtains or blinds, keep them open during the day as the natural light will warm the room, closing them again in the evening will help prevent the heat from escaping as quickly.

The same applies to your conservatory roof, the addition of insulated blinds is an affordable way to regulate the temperature throughout all of the seasons. During the winter months, thermal roof blinds will help to keep the warm air in, and during the summer months, they will keep the room cooler by reducing the amount of sunlight that enters the room.

Although installing thermal blinds would be the most cost-effective way of regulating the heat in your conservatory, it is not without its challenges. Firstly you will need to consider if you are the ‘Do -it – Yourself’ type? Then you think about the shape of your conservatory, a Lean-To conservatory is going to be a lot easier than a P-Shaped conservatory for instance. Another thing to think about is condensation which could easily make any curtains or blinds moldy, this is not only unsightly but also smells.

Upgrade An Existing Conservatory Roof

It is possible that your existing conservatory roof could be upgraded, some companies offer to add an internal layer of UPVC roof panels to your conservatory roof. These thicker panels will have better thermal efficiency and therefore will regulate the temperatures associated with summer and winter months.

Other companies will install a layer of thin UPVC under your existing conservatory roof which will offer a better insulation value. When conservatory roofs are designed, they are made to be lightweight and will only be made to withstand a certain amount of additional weight being added by things like snow. We have seen many of these over and under cladding, jobs go horribly wrong due to weight overload.

A polycarbonate conservatory roof typically has a life span of around 10 years. Older glass conservatory roofs also have a life span of around 10 years. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to add create conservatory insulation, some are safe to do whilst others most definitely are not.

In the long run, it may be more cost-effective to install a replacement conservatory roof, either a newer polycarbonate replacement or a new glass roof will have evolved a lot in 10 years since you had your conservatory installed & will add better thermal efficiency.

D.I.Y Conservatory Insulation

Some people have turned to DIY methods for conservatory insulation, one system is to use bubble foil insulation otherwise known as Celotex. People are actually fitting Celotex to existing panels, whilst it’s not overly heavy, we wouldn’t advise this DIY conservatory insulation.

Another DIY option is multifoil insulation, which is just as unsightly as Celotex and costs a lot more. This type of conservatory insulation reportedly stops around 90% of heat loss in conservatories whilst deflecting 95% of the sun’s rays.

Solid Replacement Conservatory Roof

Although not an inexpensive solution perhaps the best solution is to change your roof for a solid replacement conservatory roof. There is more than one solid conservatory roof available, most have the option to integrate either full glass panels or Velux windows. This means you can have the best of both worlds. You can have the benefits of being able to have full glass panels and maintain the views outside whilst having the benefits of a solid conservatory roof.

Retrofitting a solid conservatory roof will offer the very best thermal efficiency without the worry of your roof collapsing. The temperature inside of your room will be stable which means no concerns about condensation that you would get if you were installing curtains or the second layer of polycarbonate.

Most conservatory window and door frames can support a solid tiled conservatory roof easily. Best Glaze supply and install UltraRoof conservatory roofs in Cornwall. Ultraroof is the strongest and the lightest solid tiled conservatory roof on the market. The integral strength means that you get beautiful vaulted ceilings without the need for a tiebar.

If a tiled conservatory roof isn’t your thing, a LivinRoof may be more your style. LivinRoof replacement conservatory roofs allow any configuration of insulated aluminium panels and glass panels, giving you full control over where the light enters the room.

A conservatory is a huge investment for your home which is also an expense to build. You should be able to enjoy your space throughout the whole year if possible. There are many options out there for insulating your conservatory, there are also a lot of cowboy companies that will sell literally anything just to take your money. Be wise with money, think about long term investment and the value that will be added to your home.