A replacement conservatory roof can totally transform a tired conservatory into a beautiful living space that you can really enjoy.


Create a beautiful orangery, choose between contemporary & traditional designs in a variety of colours.


Bigger kitchen, extra dining area, room for the kids or maybe to entertain, what would you do with an extra space?

Looking For A Conservatory In Cornwall Or Devon?

Best Glaze supply & Install Ultraframe Conservatory products throughout the whole of Cornwall & Devon:

Livinroof is a highly customisable, lightweight and modern conservatory roof. You can pick and choose the configuration of solid or glass panels in the Livinroof conservatory roof. The Livinroof allows you to extend the living space of your home and creating a beautiful room that is functional, with naturasl light and the benefits of being energy efficient and useable the whole year.
If you are planning an extension on your home or even replacing an existing conservatory roof, Livinroof allows flexibility in design due to the modular nature. Create a space which features the privacy and comfort you get from a solid roof but without compromising on natural light.

Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof are not only aeshteically pleasing it’s also incredibly energy efficient. The Ultraroof is a lightweight roof system which is easy to install, thanks to its design it also amazingly strong.

Ultraroof is the both lightest and the strongest tiled conservatory roof on the market. Designed to be installed on either existing or new window frames and doors. Due to the outstanding strength of an Ultraroof a tiebar will never be required which means you can create beautiful vaulted ceilings without the need of ugly tiebars like other solid roofs on the market.

Ultraroof tiled conservartory roofs are the most popular replacement conservatory roof on the market. With an Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof you can create an interior living space that is light, bright, energy efficient and useable the whole year round.



Build the perfect, stylish & energy efficient Conservatory with us, choose from many different styles and designs and create a space tailored for you that you can enjoy the whole year round. Already know what you want? Contact us for a free quote.

Ultraroof tiled internal view
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We offer a huge vriety of options to choose when it comes to building a Conservatory. A new conservatory will add that extra space you’ve always dreamed of and create a room that can be enjoyed in all seasons.

Ultraframe provide conservatory solutions that are not only cost effective, but are extremely stylish too. A conservatory is a fantastic way of extending your home into the garden, adding extra room whilst also adding value to your home at the same time.

The Ultraframe range offers a bespoke conservatory design that is both modern and practical. Finding a style to suit you and your home is easy, with the massive range of conservatories to choose from. You can add your own touches with the huge selection of accesories and extras.

You have a choice in literally every aspect of the conservatory design, from the glass type & colour to the cornice or pelmets. If you already have an exisiting conservatory, adding a new roof will transform it to an amazing space.


With the pandemic restrictions in place a lot of showrooms are closed, so why not take a virtual walk around a conservatory, orangery or an extension. Use the controls to take a good walk around and view the interior and exterior. If you would like any more information, please get in contact using the form below.

Carbon Grey tile ultraroof

Conservatory Styles

There are many styles of conservatory to choose from, some are more suited to certain properties than others. If you are thinking about creating extra living space by building a conservatory, careful consideration must be given to the style of conservatory you want.


Lean-To conservatories are the most simple of all the styles, as the name suggests a Lean-To is a structure made up of walls with a sloping roof that gives the impression that it leans against the house. A Lean-To could roof can be made from Polycarbonate which is the cheapest option but offers very little heat or noise insulation.
Another option would be a Glass roof which has better noise and heat insulation and a longer life span than the Polycarbonate roof.
Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof is the best roof choice for thermal and environmental noise reduction and has a longer life span than the other roof types. A solid tiled roof gives a feeling of security and creates a cosy living space. Glass panels or velux windows can be installed on a tiled roof allowing natural light to enter the room. The tiled roof is the most expensive option of roof.
LivinRoof Hybrid Roof is a less expensive option of solid roof which can have a mixture of Glass panels and aluminium panels in any configuration.

Lean-To conservatory

Georgian Conservatories

A Georgian Conservatory is so called as it is style has been adpated from Georgian architecture, the style is a popular choice because it can be installed on any style of property,  however the grand style compliments buildings with Georgian features such as red-brick houses with white woodwork with white cornice stones. Georgian roofs can be made up of Polycarbonate, Glass, Solid Tiled Roof or a Livinroof.


Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories are the sun lovers dream living space. The Edwardian Conservatory is a popular choice in Cornwall & Devon. The climate in Cornwall & Devon is changeable almost all year, when the sun does come out we all want to make the most of it. The Edwardian conservatory roof allows the maximum amount of sunlight to enter the room through the four glass sides on the roof.

Edwardian Conservatory

Gable End Conservatories

Gable end conservatories are usually either a square or rectangular shape. The conservatory is so called due to the Gable end of the conservatory which adds an imposing feature which also allows the maximum amount of sunlight to flow into the living space. A Gable End Conservatory can be made up of Polycarbonate, Glass or Solid tiled roof.

Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof

Victorian Conservatories

A Victorian conservatory is perhaps the most easily recognisable conservatory style due to the bay front, the steep pitched roof and decorative ridge detail. A victorian conservatory roof can be made up of Polycarbonate, Glass, Livinroof or a solid tiled conservatory roof.

Victorian Conservatory