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Create A Beautiful Life with A New Glass Extension

A glass extension is a brilliant addition to any home. Glass extensions add light, character, and space whilst connecting your indoor and outdoor living areas. A modern glass box built with the latest engineering can be a beautiful design statement and a valuable addition to your house.

We want to show you some amazing options you can explore as a new glass extension for your home. Along the way, we’ll also answer some common questions about cost, planning permission, and how to make a glass box extension comfortable in every season.

Orangery roof skylights GRP finish

A glass box extension can add an extra room to your house, bring in more lovely light, and create a gorgeous garden room you will enjoy all year round. A wide range of styles, shapes, and colours open up an almost infinite number of possibilities for your next project inspiration.

We build flat roofs with the GRP Warm Roof system. The vapour barrier, extra plywood, and insulation form a system that makes your glass extension much more thermally stable. Since the system is stable, your room is less likely to be boiling in the sun and freezing in the winter. Instead, you can enjoy your extra space in every season.

We can build a glass box extension with a glass roof, but we love the look and performance of a GRP Roof with UltraSky Lanterns and Flat Skylights. Ultrasky uses a frameless glass extension concept. This means the frames aren’t visible from the inside. All you see is light and all you feel is space.

LivinRoof 2020

A contemporary glass extension uses modern building materials and focuses on a clean, uncluttered design. Clever design ideas such as frameless glass skylights, structural glass supports, and bi-fold doors create elegant spaces you can use as a dining room, garden link, or an entertaining space with a great wow factor.

We love the flexibility of LivinRoof because it gives our glass extensions all the roof structure they need whilst allowing us to add skylights wherever they will bring the most natural light into the space. The durable frames work well with a contemporary glass extension because of the clean lines and visible structure.

Sliding doors connect your glass extension to the house and garden. New sliding doors are very energy efficient. They don’t leak air in the winter and you can open them fully during the summer to keep the breezes flowing.

Ultraroof grey tile conservatory

What is a classic glass extension? We think it is something like this picture. The main frames are made of white uPVC, the roof is solid, and there are lots of windows. We can build a glass extension for your home that looks beautiful and doesn’t have the disadvantages people used to connect to conservatories.

We’ll build your glass box extension with double glazed glass panels, new glass doors, and a solid roof to create a space that stays at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Ultraroof is our favorite! It is the ultimate extension in Cornwall with the thermal properties of brick or super-insulated columns (depending on your choice) and the ultimate in lightweight tiled roof solutions.
Due to the strength of the Ultraroof, beautiful vaulted ceilings can be created without the need for a tie bar.

We’re full of extension ideas and would love to chat with you about how to create the perfect glass box extension for your home.

Timber Framed Glass Extension

Timber glass extensions create a brilliant hybrid glass room. Wooden beams form the primary structure of the conservatory, and double glazed glass panels bring in extra light to the space.

A glass extension made with timber supports and a glass panel roof will resemble an orangery, but with extra skylights. Bi-Fold doors or sliding doors make perfect links to the rest of the house and garden.

A timber glass extension is compatible with all our building styles. We can create a fabulous rear extension using a Durabase foundation for speed and ease of building. We can complete the foundation and wall building work in just a day or two.

Durabase Red Brick Example

Building an Extension in Cornwall can be a messy experience. Digging footings creates a mess in the garden and on the drive. Older methods of base building are often messy and take a considerable amount of time. With Durabase there is very little mess, no waste to get rid of and the build is extremely quick. We can fit a complete base with walls and frames in only two days.

durabase logo
Glass extension in cornwall
Leka Xi conservatory base & walls

The mess and hassle of a six-week building project put some homeowners off ever building their dream glass box extension. The Leka Xi building system takes these headaches away.

The Leka Xi system uses a modular base, walls, and ceiling to create a system that is quick to install, doesn’t require messy foundation prep, and comes with a 40-year guarantee because it is super durable.

Durabase Conservatory, conservatories cornwall, conservatory design

Need some extra space for a growing family, or maybe you want a dining area that opens out onto a patio or decking? We offer a stress-free way of creating that extra space that you need. Using modern building methods that are fast, clean & thermally efficient to build extensions in Cornwall.

Older methods of extension building seem to be falling out of favor, largely due to the mess involved & the time that conventional builds take to erect. This is one of the reasons why we recommend a modular extension built using the Durabase and Ultraframe combination. Imagine a hassle-free option of building your dream living space! Everybody lives a busy lifestyle these days so any lengthy interruption to their daily life that a full construction project will inevitably bring is not good. With an Ultraframe and Durabase build, disruption is minimal, largely due to the ‘easy install’ nature of a modular build, therefore, time spent on site-building is much less.

The combination of the Ultraframe / Durabase product is easier to deliver and as an added bonus comes with many parts pre-installed which saves time cutting, measuring, and drilling on-site. The product is Pre-built in Ultraframes manufacturing facilities, the materials are all carefully chosen to suit your home. When designing a build they consider factors such as property types, property location, and snow load are all taken into consideration. The whole build is tailored to suit you and your home. Durabase and Ultraframe are the best products for any modular built extension and can be used for builds where access is a problem.

y showroom
Glass extension in cornwall


You can take a virtual tour of the different style Extensions we supply and install throughout Cornwall and Devon. Once you have found the build that suits you, use the contact form to get a free quote.
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Ultraframe is the market leader offering the very best products available for home improvements such as Modular Extensions, Conservatories, and Orangeries. Ultraframe offers a number of UK-renowned product-lines. Listed below are just some of the frameworks we have on offer in Cornwall:

Tiled roof extensions in cornwall
Glass extension in cornwall

The Ultraroof previously known as the Ultraroof 380 is a favourite for our customers looking to create a solid roof. We have installed many Ultraroof tiled conservatory roofs in Cornwall & Devon, they are the ultimate solution for modular extensions, being one of the lightest but also the strongest designs on the market. Fire-tested and thermally efficient, Ultraroof modular extensions coupled with a Durabase create the perfect modular extension with minimal mess and less interruption.

Lantern roof extensions in cornwall
Glass extension in cornwall

If a full glass roof with slim sight-lines that create beautiful views of the stars at night and flood the room with natural light during the day is what you’re looking for, then our lantern extensions would be the perfect choice for you. The Ultrasky roof boasts 25% fewer bars than a conventional glazed roof and it also has no bulky radius ends, our Ultrasky Roof creates a room that is perfect for entertaining day & night and any time of the year, no matter the weather.
If the sleek modern look isn’t your thing then maybe a more traditional, classic glass design, which seamlessly fits with any chosen style of extension. How about the best of both worlds? A solid-glass hybrid roof combines the benefits of having a solid roof with the increased natural light of glass. The Livinroof is a bright, versatile product that is sure to be the envy of your neighbours.

Aluminium roof extensions in cornwall
Glass extension in cornwall

Finally, if you want a product that’s going to stand out then you should have a look through our incredible Quantal aluminium range. With BBA accreditation acting as a seal of quality on these modular house extensions, you can rest assured that all the benefits of modern aluminium will be yours with one of these amazing designs.

Will I need planning permission for a modular extension?

Most single story builds come under permitted builds unless they do not have an external grade door seperating the extension from the main part of the house. If planning is reauired we will sort it out on your behalf.

Can I customise my modular extension?

YES! The modular extensions can be customised in almost any way that you can think of. You can choose from a variety of materials such as uPVC or maybe you prefer the slimmer lines of the latest aluminium products. Colours and finishes are also largely customisable and allow you to design a modular extension into a bespoke build.

Will I need to move services to install a modular extension?

No servcies will need to be moved when installing one of our modular extensions.

Are Ultraframe products mass produced?

Ultraframe products are not mass-produced in the sense that the products are all the same. Modular extensions are of course far easier to create and set up thanks to their pre-fab design, however, every single design is a bespoke product that has been designed specifically for your property.

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