Beautiful Conservatories: Modern Retreats and Home Extensions

Tiled Roof Conservatory

Working from home and spending more time with families has made more homeowners look for extra space in their conservatories. Modern styles and designs have helped many people create their dream conservatory design and add valuable space to their homes.

How can you and your family decide which type of conservatory will add value to your home and make daily life more enjoyable?

We’re going to show you how modern conservatory styles are improving. Then we’ll show you some outstanding examples of these brilliant conservatory designs.

Are you ready to feel inspired?

Modern Conservatory with Glass Roof

Modern Conservatories Use
New and Innovative Materials

What makes a modern conservatory? Modern conservatories are different for a few reasons. New conservatory design ideas give you more shapes to choose from. Better conservatory roof materials blend into your home and create stunning interiors. Expansive skylights, double-glazed windows, and secure conservatory doors improve aesthetics and performance. Now, let's look at each of these innovations and show you how they can create a beautiful extension to your home.

Solid roof conservatory

Create your Dream Conservatory in Any Shape

Modern conservatories come in a wider range of shapes than ever before. New advances in construction materials, such as better aluminium frames and stronger glass, have increased the size of each pane of glass. This allows conservatories to accommodate a huge variety of designs and conservatory ideas.

A Tiled Roof or Solid Roof Conservatory Adds Value to Your Home

The fastest way to improve your conservatory is with a replacement roof. A new conservatory roof, especially a tiled roof or solid roof, adds value to your home by creating a more integrated extension construction.

Solid Conservatory Roof

What's the difference between a solid roof and a tiled roof?

We build solid roofs with a metal frame, usually aluminium. Solid metal plates and double-glazed glass skylights create a roof that is modern, lightweight, and also provides a super energy-efficient conservatory roof. We build tiled roofs with a wooden frame system that allows for full insulation and placing windows and skylights wherever you want them.

A weakness in older conservatories is their feeling of being an ‘addition’ instead of an extension. Instead of blending into your home, they merely connect to it through a door.

Modern conservatories using solid roofs or tiled roofs become part of your property and become a true extension of your living space. This minimises the chances of leaks, blends into your existing rooflines, and adds more value to your property than a simple polycarbonate attachment.

Modern Conservatory Roof Skylights, Windows, and Doors Are Gorgeous

Modern conservatories are incorporating brilliant ways to bring more light into your space. New conservatory design ideas include large skylights, double-glazed windows, and secure doors.


Stronger aluminium frames allow us to build modern conservatories with larger glass panes. You can add these at any point in the roof, bringing light into the parts of the space where you want it most.

Flexible conservatory design brings together the orangery and traditional glass conservatory to get the benefits of both. Solid roofs and partial walls add extra performance while the use of windows and skylights floods your living space with light.

Double-Glazed Windows

Modern conservatories use double glazing and even triple glazing to increase their energy efficiency. An older, traditional glass conservatory or polycarbonate design struggles to maintain a comfortable temperature. Now, a range of high-performance windows allows you to use as many windows as you like without compromising the energy efficiency of your property.

Secure Doors

Previous conservatory designs usually featured relatively weak doors with less security. Modern conservatories incorporate stronger, more stylish doors. Bi-Fold doors, modern locks, and stronger frames make your home more secure than ever before.

Innovative Conservatory Roof Design Ideas

Now that you’ve seen some ways modern conservatories are changing homes, let’s have a quick look at the three best conservatory roof styles.

A Glass Extension Adds to Your Living Space

Modern Conservatory with Glass Roof

Many people think a glass conservatory is the traditional way of building and will soon be obsolete. This simply isn’t true. A modern glass conservatory built with double glazing or triple glazing matches the performance of fully insulated rooms.

Clever conservatory ideas, such as automatic blinds, self-tinting windows, and super-quiet ventilation fans help maintain comfortable temperatures regardless of the weather.

Modern Conservatories with Tiled Roofs Are Beautiful, Seamless Extensions

Tiled Roof Conservatory

Modern conservatories with tiled roofs blend into the architecture of your home. They create an extension that doesn’t feel like an extension at all. Instead, the roofline blends into your home. The fully insulated roof matches the energy efficiency of your existing home. A modern, stylish door helps ease the transition from home to extension.

A Solid Roof Conservatory Style Can Create an Instant Modern Classic Look

Solid Roof conservatory

Solid roof conservatory design uses a metal frame to support insulated panels and expansive glass skylights. They feature large frame sections and ultimate design flexibility. Even a simple design, such as a lean-to conservatory built with a modern solid roof, adds modern architecture styling homeowners can be proud to add to their homes.

Innovative Conservatory Design Ideas

If all these conservatories fuel your inspiration, we can help you create a conservatory design that adds value to your house through your enjoyment of it every day. Contact our team for a free site visit. One of our expert installers can help you plan your project so it develops in exactly the way you hope.

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