Conservatories In Truro

Best Glaze supply and install conservatories in Truro and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a replacement conservatory roof, a conservatory or orangery then we can help you choose a style and design to suit your needs. With over 20 years experience installing windows, doors and Conservatories in Truro, we are aware of the issues that properties in the area can present and how to overcome them.

Historical Architecture In Truro

Truro is situated in the centre of western Cornwall, not far from the south coast, at the confluence of the rivers Kenwyn and Allen, which merge together as the Truro River. Truro really prospered during the 18th and 19th centuries. At this period Industry really boomed largely due to improved mining methods and rising tin value, and the town attracted wealthy mine owners. Elegant Georgian and Victorian townhouses were constructed, such as those seen today in Lemon Street. This would explain why we install a lot of both Georgian and Victorian style conservatories in Truro.

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Conservatories in Truro, What will you do with your dream space?

Style & Design Of Conservatories In Truro

The biggest influence over the style of conservatory that our customers choose is mostly the local architecture and style of their home. Truro features a lot of Georgian architecture, red brick buildings with white cornice stones and ornate fascias. Installing anything too modern on a Georgian home would not look right, a conservatory should be a natural extension of your home, not look as if it were just planted on.

Georgian Influence

A Georgian Conservatory has easily recognisable features such as flat front and a square or rectangular shape. Symmetrical shapes were used in the Georgian Conservatory design which created a room perfectly shaped for growing plants. It usually features a high, sloping roof that creates a beautiful vaulted effect.

Victorian Design

We install Victorian Conservatories in Truro as there are a lot of Victorian Townhouses in the city. A Victorian conservatory is the classic conservatory shape that most people picture when they think of a conservatory.
The Victorian style is more versatile than the Georgian and is suited to almost any style of home. The classic design features a bay front, usually comprised of either 3 or 5 frames, a steep pitched roof decorated with ornate ridge detailing.

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Conservatories In Truro

If you would like more information about conservatories in Cornwall, then please contact us, we will arrange to have an informal chat and walk you through all the possible options, conservatory designs and styles available to you, and what would best suit your needs and your home.

Conservatories Truro

You can find out more information about our conservatories in Truro, as well as our replacement conservatory roofs , by simply clicking the button below which will take you to our conservatory page.

Orangeries In Truro

We supply and install both traditional orangeries and contemporary orangeries in Truro and surrounding areas. We also install orangery roofs on existing conservatory frames.

Modular Extensions Truro

We build single story modular extensions in Truro using the latest building methods which are faster to install and cleaner. We supply and install Durabase conservatory bases and leka base and walls.

Areas We Cover In & Around Truro

Truro has grown into a busy and modern city which has been developed around the historic city centre at the heart of the thriving community. The developments sprawl out from the center along the slopes of the bowl valley, with the excpetion of the development along the A390 towards the west, heading toward Threemilestone. As the city has developed, it has encompassed other suburbs such as Kenwyn and Moresk situated to the north, Trelander based to the east, Newham is to the south, and Highertown, Treliske and Gloweth all to the west. We cover all of these areas, installing quality uPVC windows, Doors and Conservatories in Truro.

We supply and install Ultraframe conservatory products which are the market leading manufacturers of uPVC and Aluminium conservatories. If you are looking for a conservatories in Truro then we can help you build your dream living space, Conservatory, Orangery or modular extension.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Truro

Many customers in Truro are choosing to have a replacement conservatory roof to save the cost of replacing all of the frames on an existing conservatory. If you have a leaking conservatory roof, or its draughty and tired then choosing a replacement conservatory roof is the perfect solution.

When you choose to replace the roof on your conservatory, you can alter the style of roof providing it is suitable for your home. We will discuss this with you and walk you through the options available to you if you are having trouble choosing a style to suit your home.

Ultraframe conservatory products are developed to be strong, lightweight and customisable, this gives you peace of mind, security and flexibility. When you choose an ultraframe conservatory or replacement conservatory roof, you are choosing the best of the best. There are a range of conservatory roofs to choose from, a perfect roof for any project.


The Ultraroof is the strongest and lightest solid tiled roof, which never needs a tie bar allowing you to create beautiful vaulted ceilings with uninterrupted lines.

Ultraroof warm roof


A hybrid roof suited to most builds, allows any combination of Aluminium and Glass panels to create the perfect roof for your living space.

Livinroof conservatory roof


The Ultrasky is a lantern roof, this is perfect for GRP Warm roofs, creating a roof that will last for years.

Ultrasky Orangery

What Our Customers In Cornwall Say

Do you cover the outskirts of Truro?

We install conservatories in truro and the surrounding areas as well as uPVC windows, doors & porches. If you are unsure if we cover your area then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Do you replace polycarbonate roofs?

Most of the replacement conservatory roofs we install are replacing polycarbonate roofs. We remove the old roof, clean the frames down and remove any old sealant before bedding the replacement roof ringbeam onto the existing window frames. We take the old roof and send it for recycling.

How long does it take to install a solid tile roof?

It varies from job to job, but usually we remove the old roof and begin installing the replacement conservatory roof on the same day, by which point the roof should be waterproof and ready for tiling the following day.

Do you repair leaking conservatories?

We can inspect your existing conservatory and if its possible we can arrange to repair the leak or advise the best course of action in the event that it can’t be repaired.

Do I need planning permission to replace my conservatory roof?

You do NOT need planning permission to put a solid roof on an existing conservatory. You DO however need to be certain that the existing window frames can support the weight of the new roof, this is something we would survey on the initial measure up.

Do you install Aluminium windows and doors?

Yes! We can supply and install aluminium windows and doors in your home or conservatory. They come in a wide range of colours and even available in dual colours.