Best Glaze supply and install conservatories In Newquay and have been transforming homes in the area for over 20+ years. We have delivered the highest quality home improvements and installed them to the highest standards possible. Whatever style of property you have, Best Glaze Windows, Doors & Conservatories can transform an old conservatory into a beautiful extension of your home with one of our replacement conservatory roofs allowing you and your family to enjoy the space the whole year-round.  We offer a bespoke conservatory build service tailored to your exacting needs, from our friendly, and skilled installers and engineers. We offer a personal service to our customers in Newquay, Cornwall.

Guaranteed Conservatory Installations

All of our Conservatory installations are covered by a 10-year manufacturers warranty, we also offer an insurance backed guarantee which includes labour and products.



Popular Styles Of Conservatories In Newquay

Newquay Town is an amalgamation of architectural styles, a real mix, and a match of different elements from different eras and influences.

Great care is being taken to ensure that the development of buildings around the edges of the settlement, coastal facing, retain a locally distinctive character in the use of materials, scale, rhythm, architectural form, and detail.

This can easily be achieved with contemporary design as well as a more local vernacular. Any development in Newquay should reinforce that local distinctiveness. This reflects the style of conservatories in Newquay homeowners choose.

Conservatory Repairs In Newquay

conservatory repairs cornwall

We Can Repair Your Conservatory

If you live in Newquay but you are not ready to upgrade to a completely new conservatory yet, we offer a conservatory repair service that covers everything from sticking doors or windows, brocken locks to ceased up hinges and misted glass units as well as conservatory leaks.
Don’t suffer with a leaking or draughty conservatory, give one of friendly team a call and our engineers will find and fix any leak and advise you on the best course of action, for free.

Save Money On Energy Bills With A Replacement Conservatory Roof

A new conservatory is a big investment, however, you can transform an old conservatory and still add up to 12% overall value to your home with a replacement conservatory roof.

Not only will a new conservatory roof give your home a completely new look, they also offer safety and energy efficiency which could save you money on your heating bills.

We supply and install a range of replacement conservatory roofs in Newquay in various materials such as uPVC and aluminium.

 Choose from our range of High-Performance glazed roofs, lightweight solid tiled conservatory systems or hybrid roofs, all of which are energy efficient and can save you money on energy bills.

Our Easy 5 Step Process

Solid Tiled Roof, Glazed Panels or Polycarbonate, Which Conservatory Roofs Are Best?

The materials you choose for a replacement conservatory roof are important, choosing the right roof to suit the style of your home and your lifestyle has never been easier with our huge range of roofing systems for new or old builds, but how do you know which materials are right for your home in Newquay?

We have been installing conservatories in Newquay for the past 20-Years and we know all the different styles of houses and which conservatories best suit them. A traditional style home is more suited to either a glazed or solid tiled conservatory roof, whilst modern homes would be more suited to our contemporary hybrid roof.

A solid tiled roof essentially transforms a conservatory into an extension adding comfort, energy efficiency and security. Our solid tiled roof system is fire rated and has one of the best U-values on the market.

If you want energy efficiency, security and comfort that a solid roof offers but want the freedom to add glazed panels anywhere within the roof we would recommend our Hybrid conservatory roof which offers homeowners the ability to choose any configuration of glass and solid panels allowing light into the space exactly where its needed.

High-Performance glazed roofs are suited to almost any style of property and are a great way of bringing the outdoors inside.

Solid Tiled Roofs

The Ultraroof 380 is not only the strongest but it is also the lightest solid tiled roof on the market.

The intergral strength of the roof means your conservatory will never need a tiebar so creating beautiful vaulted ceilings with uninterupted lines has never been easier.

Homeowners looking for conservatories in Newquay usually opt for an Ultraroof 380 because of the way it can blends seamlessly with the home due to the natural slate aesthetics.

Livinroof solid conservatory roof

LivinRoof Hybrid Conservatory Roof

A LivinRoof hybrid is suitable for most projects, the flexible design of a LivinRoof allows homeowners to configure any combination of Glass and Aluminium panels.

This flexibility allows you to create the perfect roof for your living space, giving you full control over where the light will flow into the room.

If the security of a solid roof and the natural light you get from a classic roof appeals to you, then the LivinRoof is the perfect solution for conservatories in Newquay.

The Ultrasky is a lantern roof that is perfect for Orangeries or placing on GRP Warm roofs, creating a roof that will last for years.

Perfect for conservatories in Newquay that will be close to the coast and the harsh weather conditions.

The Ultrasky lantern comes with self cleaning and thermally efficient high perfomance glass, the thermally broken frame is the strongest on the market and will withstand any weather without leaking.

Ultraframe conservatory roof conversion near me

Get The Most From Your Conservatory With Our Replacement Conservatory Roof Services In Newquay

Conservatories are a great way of bringing the outside into the home, especially when you live somewhere as beautiful as Newquay, they are also a perfect way of creating extra space but not all conservatories are usueable all year round because they are too hot or cold, draughty or damp.

Our replacement conservatory roof service in Newquay can transform an old conservatory into a cosy, safe extension of your home that can be used all year round. Best Glaze offer a variety of different conservatory roof types, whether you want to make the most of the stunning views in Newquay with a high-performance glass roof, create a room for entertaining guests with a solid lightweight tiled roof, or enjoy the best of both worlds with a hybrid conservatory roof.


Rehau casement upvc double glazed windows

About Newquay

It is important that when you are looking for conservatories in Newquay that you choose a style that suits your home. When installing conservatories in Newquay, we always come across a different style, something unique in most of the properties there.

 Every Home Improvements project in Newquay is different, there is no regimented styling that dictates one style of conservatory more than any other.

Newquay is characterised by the narrow terraced streets which feature two storey buildings in tight enclosures and spaces with small gardens, lean-to conservatories and Durabase installations are very popular in these areas due to lack of access.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I need planning permission for my conservatory in Newquay?

You do not need planning permission for a replacement conservatory roof in Newquay, you need to be sure that the existing conservatory will withstand a replacement roof, this is something we do for you. We check the frame integrity and the foundations to make sure that a replacement roof will not cause issues.

Do you sell glass roof conservatories and install them in Newquay?

We supply and install Glass roof conservatories with Pilkington Activ™ Self cleaning Glass for our Conservatories, you can choose various tints to suit your build.

Can I install Lights In A lIvinRoof Ceiling?

Yes you can install pendant lighting or have LED lighting in the internal pelmet.


Is a solid tiled conservatory roof worth the cost?

A solid tiled conservatory roof replacement is worth the cost for many reasons, it offers energy efficiency, security,increases the value of your home by up to 12% and adds value to your lifestyle.

What causes Conservatory leaks?

Conservatories can leak for a number of reasons, some leaks are obvious as they are caused by problems such as slipped glazing panels, perished seals or splits in silicone sealant whilst others require closer inspection by a trained engineer. Some conservatory leaks can easily be fixed in just a few minutes  whilst others take some careful investigation and time to resolve. Some of the most common causes of leaks are:

  • Weather damage caused by the wind or the sun
  • Split seals or warped glazing caps
  • Perished rubber seals
  • Split silicone sealant
  • Warped or bowed windows and doors
  • Missing parts
  • Poor installation
  • Pourous or cracked lead work
  • Leaking box gutters

Older conservatories may be beyond repair and require replacing, our engineers will advise whether a repair is cost effective or a replacement conservatory or conservatory roof may be required.

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Our Easy 5 Step Process

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