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Best Glaze supply and install quality conservatories in Launceston and surrounding areas, as well as uPVC, Aluminium, and Timber windows and doors. We have installed many conservatories in Launceston and we know about the challenges that some of the properties pose with poor access, this is why we have installed many Durabase conservatory bases in the area. Durabase does not require any heavy excavation or skips and can be installed in as little as two days!



Conservatories In Launceston

Durabase conservatory bases in Launceston

Durabase is a modern alternative to building using older methods. Its clean can be used to build bases at properties with limited access due to using less material and there is almost no waste to get rid of.
There are no messy footings to dig out, no need to move drainage or other pipework. It is strong and thermally efficient.

When you choose Durabase for a conservatory, modular extension, or Orangery, you will notice just how fast the installation takes place compared to conventional building methods. The solid steel base sits on a number of concrete pads, which is the only digging that needs to take place. The base is then bolted to the house wall and the feet leveled up on the concrete pads.

Within a day, a vast majority of the real brick-faced walls will be installed ready for windows and doors to be installed. After which pipework and wiring can be installed in the already prepped walls. It really is the perfect solution to building bases.

Durabse Red Brick Example
Red Brick Durabase

Replacement Conservatory Roofs In Launceston

Many of our customers in Launceston are opting for a replacement conservatory roof to save the cost of replacing all of the frames on an existing conservatory. If you have a leaking conservatory roof, or its draughty and tired then choosing a replacement conservatory roof is the perfect solution.

When you choose to replace the roof on your conservatory, you can alter the style of the roof providing it is suitable for your home. We will discuss this with you and walk you through the options available to you if you are having trouble choosing a style to suit your home.

One conservatory roof replacement we carried out near the Launceston Steam Railway station which runs along a part of the track of the original railway from London to Padstow, the weather was very wet and blustery. We installed an Ultraroof solid tile conservatory roof so the weather didn’t really affect the build as these roofs can be watertight within 5-6 hours. The end result was a beautiful solid tiled replacement conservatory roof.

We supply and install Ultraframe conservatory products which are the market-leading manufacturers of uPVC and Aluminium conservatories. If you are looking for conservatories in Launceston then we can help you build your dream living space, Conservatory, Orangery, or modular extension.

UltraRoof Conservatories In Launceston

Ultraframe conservatory products are developed to be strong, lightweight, and customisable, this gives you peace of mind, security, and flexibility. When you choose an Ultraframe conservatory or replacement conservatory roof, you are choosing the best of the best. There are a range of conservatory roofs to choose from, a perfect roof for conservatories in Launceston, Cornwall.

The Ultraroof is the strongest and lightest solid tiled roof, which never needs a tiebar allowing you to create beautiful vaulted ceilings with uninterrupted lines. Homeowners looking for conservatories in Launceston often choose an Ultraroof because it blends seamlessly with the property.

Ultraroof warm roof
Ultraroof Intergrates Perfectly With Your Home

LivinRoof Conservatory Roof

A hybrid roof suited to most conservatory builds in Launceston, allows any combination of Aluminium and Glass panels to create the perfect roof for your living space if you are looking for the security of a solid roof and the natural light you get from a classic roof. A lot of conservatories in Launceston now have a Livinroof due to its versatility and flexibility.

Livinroof conservatory roof
LivinRoof Hybrid Conservatory Roof

Ultrasky Conservatory Roof / Lantern

The Ultrasky is a lantern roof, this is perfect for GRP Warm roofs, creating a roof that will last for years. Perfect for conservatories in Launceston that will be sunbjected to the and harsh Cornish weather conditions. The Ultrasky lantern comes with self-cleaning and thermally efficient high-performance glass, the thermally broken frame is the strongest on the market and will withstand any weather without leaking.

Ultrasky Orangery
Ultrasky Orangery/Lantern Roof

What Our Customers In Cornwall Say

Style & Architecture In Launceston

Launceston is the ancient capital of Cornwall which still features a medieval south gate along with the ruins of a castle. According to the Domesday Book the castle is said to have been owned by Count Robert of Mortain in the 11th century and was known as Castle Terrible, due to the fact that the castle green was used for public executions right up until the 19th century.

Due to the style and architecture around the town we seem to install a lot of classic styled conservatories in launceston that suit a period property. Although we install many Victorian and Edwardian style conservatories in Launceston, we are begining to see a trend of customers requesting a solid conservatory roof rather than the conventional glass or polycarbonate roof.

In order to meet housing demand and population changes, the Government has required that approximately 350 new homes are required to be built in Launceston between now and the year 2030. The development area also identifies an area for development potentially beyond the year 2030, as a future direction of growth. The proposed site will sit between Withoe, Hurdon Road, Landlake Road & Badash) and south of the A30.

Built on two hills either side of the Kensey River valley close to the lowest historic crossing point of the River Tamar, Launceston has occupied an important site both defensively and as the gateway into Cornwall. Its roles as the capital of Cornwall from the Middle Ages until 1835, the home of the Assizes and an important local market have all shaped its development.

The contrasting roles and locational requirements of a market and a defensive castle, as well as the attractions of the valley in between those functions, resulted in the creation of three distinct boroughs – St Stephens; Launceston (Dunheved); and Newport respectively.

During the nineteenth century the town’s importance as a centre for administration and commerce continued to develop, and the arrival of the railway heralded the beginnings of a nascent tourist industry. Despite losing the Assizes to Bodmin in 1835 and the market finally closing in the 1990s Launceston is still an important local centre.

Launceston’s history and geographical location have created a town with a strong, locally distinctive character including:
• The castle and historic town centres that incorporates historic buildings from a variety of periods, and in a range of architectural styles and materials;
• A striking natural setting with dramatic topography and striking vistas;
• A surviving medieval street pattern;
• Carefully planned suburban streets; and
• Characterful areas of historic open space embedded within the urban setting.

Conservatories In Launceston & Surrounding Areas

If you would like more information about conservatories in Launceston, then please contact us, we will arrange to have an informal chat and walk you through all the possible options, conservatory designs, and styles available to you, and what would best suit your needs and your home.

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Do you supply and install doors and windows?

Yes we supply uPVC, aluminium and timber windows and doors as well as secondary glazing which is perfect for homes in conservation areas.

Do I need planning permission to replace my conservatory roof?

No you do not need planning permssion to replace a conservatory roof, it is classed as permitted development. You must make sure that the existing window frames and base will be able to cope with the extra weight of a new roof, this is something we will check for you.

Do you cover areas around Launceston?

We cover the whole of Launceston and surrounding areas, if you are in any doubt if we cover your area then please feel free to contact us and check.

Do I need to get an electrician to disconnect electric to the conservatory?

We have our own electrician that will disconnect the electrics before work commences and re-instate it when the new roof is installed.

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