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Looking for Conservatories in Cornwall? If you have a leaking conservatory or are looking to upgrade the thermal efficiency or aesthetics of your home, Best Glaze supply & install Ultraframe market-leading conservatory products throughout Cornwall. We can replace your leaky roof, we can make your conservatory thermally efficient and save you money on energy bills in Cornwall.

Orangeries, Extensions & Conservatories In Cornwall

We are often asked what the difference between an orangery, extension, and the conservatory is – the answer isn’t as straight forward as you might think. Years ago the differences between the three builds were clear cut, a Conservatory had a polycarbonate or glass roof and featured over 75% glass overall. An orangery had less than 75% glass overall, a flat roof with a lantern or skylight, and brick-built pillars, an extension was just a brick or block built extension of the property, usually with a flat roof.

Subtle differences tell them apart

Conservatories in cornwall

These days the difference between the three buildings are not so apparent, all three can look very similar. As long as certain rules are adhered too, all three builds come under permitted builds which means they do not require planning permission.

There are subtle differences between Orangeries, Extensions, and conservatories in Cornwall, differences that may help you decide which type of build you want for your home improvement project. Below is a table which outlines the characteristics of all three buildings which should add some clarity:

Differences between orangeries, extensions and conservatories

Pitched roof usually >75% glassFlat roof with lantern or skylights <75% glassTiled roof <75% glass (May have glass or skylights
Glazed walls or dwarf wall >50% glass<50% glass in brick or block built walls<50% glass in the walls (block or brick)
Glazed build that doesnt match the house.Materials used blend the build into the houseLooks like an original part of the house
Built against the house wall , usually separated by a closing door/window
( or planning permission is required.)
Could be a stand alone structure or built against the side of the house with windows or a door into the house.Part of the house therefore no seperating door or window required.
Glazed frames, can be sat on Dwarf wallBrick , block or super thermally insulated built corner pillars and -or wallsBrick, block or stone built walls with windows. Finish to tie into house

These are the main differences between a conservatory, orangery and extension, however these lines do cross nowadays…

Create your dream space with us

We could all use some extra space in our homes, whether it be for a growing family, extend the kitchen or dining room, or create that perfect room for entertaining guests – Whatever you would do with extra space on your home, our orangeries, single-story extensions or conservatories in Cornwall can create that space you have always dreamed of…

Kitt hill extension launceston
Extension kitt hill launceston

Project management lightens the load

We understand that it can be confusing, choosing the right type of build for your home improvement project which is why we will manage the whole project from start to finish. We will help you choose the right type of structure for your needs and then we will handle every step of the process.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Is a conservatory warmer than an orangery?

The original purpose of an orangery was to capture sunlight and retain as much heat as possible in order to grow fruit trees and other exotic plants that would otherwise die in the colder climate of Britain. To gain the most from the sunlight windows were always south-facing, with a solid north-facing wall which would protect against the cold, wooden shutters were also used to retain the heat at night and maintain a constant temperature.

Difference between an orangery and a conservatory
We have been installing orangeries and conservatories in Cornwall for over 20 years

Is planning permission required for an orangery?

Orangeries are considered as single-storey extensions and therefore fall under the same planning rules which changed in 2019 which allowed buildings which meet a certain criteria to come under Permitted developments.

Great News! Permitted development rights create lots of options for homeowners to extend their property without the need for a full planning application. The PDR (Permitted development rights) for single-story extensions are very generous and allow homeowners to build a decent size extension.

As long as the planned orangery is built within the permitted development guidelines it will NOT need planning permission.

Planning permission can be confusing so it’s essential that you fully understand the guidelines before you start a project. For this reason, you should only work with expert tradesmen who can help you.

*Note, if you live in a conservation area tighter restrictions will apply.

planning permission
Do Conservatories in cornwall require planning permission?

What should I choose, orangery, conservatory or extension?

Do I own a traditional detached property that would suit a grand structure?Do I have an Edwardian, Victorian semi detached, or a modern build?
Do I need to use the space the whole year round?Do I want to enjoy the sun whilst I relax
Do I want to have full control of the temprature?Can I deal with changes in temperature?
Do I want a build that will add grandure and value to my home?Do I want my room flooded with natural light?
Is it important for the structure to match the house?Does it matter if the structure doesn’t match the house?
Do I want a bright room with privacy?Do I want to bring the outside inside?
Do i want the space to feel like part of the house?Do I want to use the room occasionally?
If you answered Yes to most of these questions
you should choose an Orangery
If you chose Yes to most of these questions you should choose a conservatory
If you answered Yes to most of these questions you may also consider a single story extension.
Best Glaze can build you the extra living space you have always dreamed of without compromise.
Difference between an orangery and a conservatory
Orangery with Bi-folding doors

An orangery is a brick structure that features large glass windows to capture the heat during the day, and the brick provides more insulation than a fully glazed structure such as a conservatory.

Because a conservatory is formed mostly of polycarbonate or glass panels, it is susceptible to fluctuations in temperature – getting hot in summer and cold in winter. Conservatories with glass roofs these days are far more energy-efficient than conservatories built in previous years. Over the past 10 years, glass has been engineered to be far more energy-efficient, but glass will always be less energy efficient than brick.

Edwardian Conservatory

Although a traditional orangery would be slightly warmer than a conservatory, newer conservatories in Cornwall with quality glazing are not that different in thermal efficiency thanks to technical advances in glass engineering.

Although Orangeries are more expensive to construct than a conservatory, there are many things to consider such as long-term how space will be used. We can construct out conservatories in Cornwall to feature more characteristics of an orangery or an extension.

Upgrade your existing conservatory with a replacement conservatory roof

A lot of conservatories in Cornwall were erected with Polycarbonate roofs which are now either leaking or are tired. Polycarbonate has poor thermal efficiency and makes the space unusable for most of the year. We can replace the roof of your existing conservatory saving money on a complete rebuild and also on energy bills!

If you would like some friendly advice on what build would better suit your needs we can arrange either a home visit or we can offer our advice without any obligation via an online video call. Click the ” Get a Quote” button at the top of the page or give us a call to arrange a free appointment to discuss your needs.

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