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Edwardian Conservatory Styles In Cornwall

Spacious & stylish conservatory design

Edwardian conservatories are the perfect fit for your home. They offer a simple, yet bold design that can transform any room into a light and spacious living space. The square-fronted corner ensures ample floor space and allows you to put more furniture without taking up valuable living or dining area – whether it be an additional playroom or a room to enjoy the garden from.
The pitch of this style’s roof changes with every property type making it fully customizable so they work well even if there is height restrictions on the property.

The Origin Of The Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian Conservatories are so-called because they first appeared in England during the Edwardian period. During the Edwardian period, it became fashionable for architects to design buildings that were a far cry from the usual box design & began to design and build architects grew bored of designing the same old buildings, and began to design and build more flamboyant and decorative styled buildings which featured the usual, rectangular build styles with some more decorative features.

Back when Edwardian conservatories were first built, they were designed as rooms for keeping plants, the full glass roof and sides of the Edwardian design meant plants receive the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Of course these days Edwardian conservatories are still a popular design choice, however, they are used more for entertaining guests and chilling out in than growing plants, although you can still grow plants in them.

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Edwardian Conservatories Perfect For Bungalows

The Edwardian conservatory is the perfect solution for homeowners with bungalows looking to create much needed extra space.

Due to the versatile design of an Edwardian conservatory, homeowners can enjoy a vaulted roof space, in a choice of materials such as Glass, Polycarbonate, tiled or even a hybrid solid roof,  the sky is literally the limit!

Contact one of friendly team today to see how we can help you – a beautiful new Edwardian conservatory could transform your home adding value to your home and lifestyle.


Our Conservatory Styles

Edwardian Style With Modern Benefits

Modern style conservatory livinroof

Edwardian conservatories are the perfect blend of old-fashioned charm and modern convenience. They’re not only beautiful, but they provide their owners with all year round comfort! No matter how much time has passed since you first built your home – Edwardian style will have everything needed for any season: energy efficient double glazing that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions – tiled or hybrid roof choices create a real room that can be enjoyed all the year round with as little or as much glazing as you desire.

Choose From uPVC, Aluminium Or Heritage

Aluminium offers sleek frames and maximum glass area

Aluminium frames are a great way to provide your home with more natural light and keep it looking sleek. The advantage of powder-coated aluminium is that it can be finished in dual colours, which give you options for both the inside as well as outside frame colour schemes; this makes them perfect whether a homeowner wants their property’s age on show or not!


UPVC low maintenance, long lifespan and affordability

UPVC is a durable, affordable material that provides better insulation than thermally-broken aluminum. UPVC’s flexibility makes it easy to mold into decorative gable ends or aesthetically contain an attractive external beading for aesthetic purposes; all of our windows are internally bordered with this environmentally friendly product!

Heritage aesthetics with modern benefits

The Traditional Heritage series is an amazing collection of windows and doors that are not only authentic, but also stylish. The detail in each design make this range truly one-of-a kind!
The sash within these frames ensures they will never leak or move around when shut; this characteristic was common in 19th Century.

Make A Grand Entrance Into Your Conservatory

Extension in Cornwall

Complete Your Conservatory Design With The Right Door

Doors are an integral part of any conservatory design. When it comes to connecting your conservatory with both the interior and exterior environment. You may have preferences for the opening type, so we offer options like French door, Bi-Folds, Patio sets, Single doors all of which provide unparalleled functionality while also providing total peace-of mind.

Find Your Dream Replacement Door

At Best Glaze we believe a door is more than just a door, it’s a statement piece. The right door can not only enhance the look and security of your property, it also reflects your taste and character.

Best glaze supply and install a huge range of doors in different materials, finishes and colours, we can create the perfect door to compliment your home.

Choose from our range of uPVC, Composite and Aluminium doors, all of which are energy efficient and feature the latest multipoint locking systems to keep your home and family safe and secure.


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Choose The Perfect Door For Your Conservatory

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Add Value To Your Home & Lifestyle

Doors are not only functional, they are a fantastic way to enhance the look of your conservatory, with a massive range of colours and designs to choose from our door range has something to suit every living space.

All of our uPVC doors come with a 10 year guarantee and are A-Rated energy efficient as well as coming with the latest multipoint locking systems you have peace of mind for the next 10 years that your home will be safe, secure and cosy warm.
Manufactured bespoke for your home our uPVC front doors and uPVC back doors are the perfect choice for busy homes that balance price with style.

The Right Conservatory Roof Will Be The Crowning Glory

Make the most of the light with a glass roof

If you want a clear view of the sky from within your new glass extension, then a double glazed roof is the best choice. Not only will it provide an excellent viewing experience but also minimize rain or hail hitting against them and giving off less sound as well. In addition to its comprehensive list of advantages- which include being able to see clearly without any obstruction and various colour tints, theres also an option of self cleaning glass!

Polycarbonate, lightweight and affordable

Polycarbonate roofs are still popular today because they’re an economic choice for homeowners on limited budgets. The options include 24mm or 28 mm thick sheets, which allow you to tailor your conservatory’s temperature throughout the year without feeling too hot in summer and cold during winter seasons
The variety of finishes also lets people stamp their mark with color when adding this extension onto homes.

The external look and interior feel of a real room from our tiled roof

A tiled roof provides homeowners with an outdoor room that is both private and practical. It has the potential to transform your conservatory into your favorite room, giving shade in every corner while still allowing plenty of light through; perfect for when it gets hot outside or if there are little ones at home who need their own space! Because the tiles look like real slate the extension won’t stand out like a sore thumb against any other part of your home – ensuring seamless integration.

Our Range Of Conservatory Roofs

When you choose Best Glaze for your home improvements, you are just five steps away from a greener, thermally efficient home, and saving money on your heating bills.

We believe we offer advantages to customers around Cornwall. Our home improvement prices offer great value. Our extensive range of windows, doors & conservatory products will suit every style of home. Our experience means every installation will go smoothly and result in a beautiful improvement to your home. Our installers are friendly, our company is local, and our work comes with a long guarantee for your peace of mind.

When you choose one of our services, we’ll give you a free quote for the purchase of the best products and installation by installers with loads of experience.

Here’s what our simple, no-hassle process looks like in five easy steps.


You tell us what you have in mind for you and we will help you choose the right solution for you and your home.


Our qualified surveyor will accurately measure to ensure a perfect fit the first time.


Once you are fully happy with your order, we will arrange manufacture of the windows and doors.


We can guarantee that your windows will have been fitted by experts, because we will be personally fitting them!


All of Best Glaze windows, doors conservatories & orangeries are gauranteed for 10 years.

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