Best Small Conservatory Styles For Smaller Houses

enjoying a conservatory

If you live in a small house and desperately need some extra living space, adding a small conservatory to your home could be the perfect solution for you. 

Adding a conservatory to smaller homes is a fantastic way to gain the extra space you may desperately require. The perks of a small conservatory are:

  • Fast installation time
  • Inexpensive compared to large conservatories
  • Creates much needed space
  • Easy to keep warm
  • Design your dream space

If you are considering adding a small conservatory to your property to gain some much needed extra living space and are looking for some guidance or general hints and tips on how best to go about planning, designing and building it, we have got you covered.

Solid roof conservatory
Solid Tile Conservatory Roof

How to choose the best small conservatory

Choosing the best small conservatory to install on a smaller house isn’t as straight forward as you may originally think, there are several things to consider before choosing a small conservatory to add extra space on your home. We have compiled a list of the five most important things to take into consideration when choosing a small conservatory:

small conservatory for smaller homes

Small Conservatory Style

  • When considering a conservatory for a small home give careful consideration to the style that you choose. Because you are using a smaller conservatory to create extra space it is crucial that you can maximise every millimetre of space. Think very carefully about what you want a conservatory for and what you will put in it, this will help you to plan the shape of the conservatory. Once you have a clear idea of what you will use the conservatory for you will have a better understanding of the sort of conservatory that will suit your needs.

    Styles such as Victorian conservatories are not ideal for a small conservatory, this is because the internal shape of a Victorian is difficult to place furniture in. A better choice for a small conservatory is a Georgian style because then the furniture can be placed along each wall of the small conservatory from the house walls right into the corners, maximising the use of floor space. A Lean-To conservatory also has a smaller footprint in the garden, is inexpensive and the square style means utilising the space is easier.

Small Conservatory size

  • A common misconception when choosing a small conservatory is that the bigger a conservatory is the better, this is not always the case. To reiterate the points discussed in the first part of this guide, the floor space shape is the most important factor, you would usually be better off choosing a small conservatory such as a Georgian style than a Victorian style. A smaller Georgian conservatory would allow for better use of the floor space and provide a greater benefit to the homeowner.

Choice Of Colour For A Small Conservatory

Colours are a fantastic way to personalise a conservatory, however, when planning a small conservatory, think about the choice of colour very carefully. Colours like anthracite grey are very trendy right now for conservatories, windows and doors, and whilst anthracite grey is a fantastic colour choice for the exterior of a small conservatory choosing a dark colour for the interior will make the small space seem closed in. Lighter colours inside of the conservatory will reflect the light and make the space feel bigger and lighter.

Small Conservatory Budget

  • Setting a realistic budget is important for any home improvement project, this is also true even when planning a conservatory for a small home. Although a small conservatory is usually inexpensive it is of more importance not to over budget when planning a small conservatory. When adding a small conservatory to a small home do not to spend too much money and risk over development. It’s easy to overspend on a conservatory which means spending more on the project than it would add value to the home. Homeowners with small homes usually add a conservatory for extra living space and to add value to the property at the same time, working to a budget that will ensure you do not overspend or overdevelop the build to create the space you need whilst adding value to the property.

The More Glass The Better

Maximising the amount of glass in a small conservatory ensures that the room is light and bright, choosing the right conservatory system can actually maximise the amount of glass in your small conservatory, by choosing the right conservatory roof you can get more natural light into your small conservatory.

It is important that a small conservatory feels as light, bright and spacious as possible, in order to achieve this it is crucial to allow the maximum amount of natural light into the room through large areas of glass. There are several modern conservatory systems that have fewer glazing bars and allow more light, the one that stands out from the crowd is the Ultrasky, it ticks all the boxes and is the perfect solution for making small conservatories light, bright and inviting living spaces.

Ultrasky contemporary style Orangery with cornice

By now you will have realised the importance of carefully planning for smaller conservatories especially if the conservatory is going to be built on a smaller house. Your new conservatory will create essential extra living space and if planned out properly it will make the adjoining rooms of the home feel light, bright and spacious, adding not only more space but more value.

Some smaller homes also have limited outdoor space and you may believe that if you have a tiny garden a small conservatory would not provide you with any benefit, but that certainly isn’t the case at all. In fact, a carefully planned home improvement project can totally transform any small home – adding desperately needed extra space and a whole new dynamic to the way the rooms flow.

If you would like to plan a home improvements project for your small home and would like some free advice on how to get the most out of your limited space, feel free to get in contact with us. We would be happy to show you how a conservatory could totally transform your small home, we are skilled conservatory designers and will be able to help you to unlock the true potential and space available for your small home.

Whats the best conservatory for a small house?

The best conservatory for a small house would feature as much glass as possible to make the room light and bright and feel spacious. There are many choices of conservatory for smaller houses but what you choose would depend on the style of your home.

Do I need planning permission for a small conservatory?

Small conservatories fall under the permitted building scheme which was rolled out by the government, the company you employ to install a conservatory for you will be able to tell you definitely whether or not you need planning for your proposed build.

Can a small conservatory have a solid roof?

Solid roofs can be fitted to any type of conservatory as long as the existing structure is sound and the frames can support it. A surveyor would usually inspect the frames when they come to measure the job. Be mindful of the loss of light when fitting a solid roof to a small conservatory as this could affect adjoining rooms. If you want a solid tiled conservatory roof for better thermal efficiency, a better option would be a modern high-performance glass roof replacement,newer glass roofs are thermally efficient and still allow plenty of light.

How much does a small conservatory cost?

Small conservatories are an inexpensive way of extending a small home, installing a light and bright conservatory can dramatically change the dynamic of your home as well as adding value to your property. A conservatory can add as much as 7% to the overall value to your home, so it would be a worthwhile investment. The initial outlay would depend on the actual size of the small conservatory, and the materials chosen for the build, a solid roof conservatory with aluminium frames would cost more than a glass roof and uPVC windows and doors. If you would like a free quote, please contact us.

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