Best Glaze are pleased to inform our customers that we are now approved Federation Of Master Builders & TrustMark members. When you choose Best Glaze, you are choosing a professionally vetted and insurance backed company for your peace of mind.

We understand that your home is your castle, a safe haven, somewhere you can feel safe and relax, somewhere to just be yourself. When you choose to have any kind of building works carried out on your home, whether it be new windows and doors, a new conservatory or an extension, you are essentially inviting strangers into your home. This is why it is important that you choose a reputable company that has been fully vetted, a company that adheres to strict policy guidelines to remain a member of the Federation Of Master Builders.

Best Glaze want you to know that when you choose us you are hiring a company with integrity, committed to carrying out projects on time, on budget and to the highest possible standards, and we’re equally committed to providing exceptional customer service along the way.

The Federation of Master Builders has been operating for over 75 years, the Federation of Master Builders has pioneered continuous improvement in building standards and only the best in the business are awarded the FMB official seal of approval.

Federation of Master Builder (FMB) is a non-profit making association that represents construction experts and builders in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). It was established in 1941 with the aim of protecting its members who majorly comprise small and medium-sized construction companies. Additionally, the association helps to improve the standards of excellence, adopt the latest trends, provide training to their members, and also arbitrates between registered members and the public. To become a member, a builder needs to meet the criteria laid down by the association.

Why Deal with FMB?

1. High Standards of Excellence

Imagine you paying for a nice home but ending up getting something that is far from what you had imagined? Well, this is common in the UK and many times it’s blamed on incompetent or inexperienced builders. To avoid such scenarios which not only end up costing the owner money but also ruin the reputation of the construction and builders industry, the FMB provides regular training to its members. This arms its members with the latest skills and technology. And as a potential home or property owner, you can be certain that you will enjoy high standards of excellence.

2. Finding a Reputable Firm

Have you ever tried to look for a builder? If you have then you know the challenges you face. Firstly, you may lack the knowledge of distinguishing between a good and not-so-good firm. Secondly, sifting through many firms isn’t easy and take lots of time and effort. Thirdly, you can’t be sure whether the builder is qualified and meets the minimum recommended standards. Fourthly, the firm may not offer a guarantee on their service. Federation of Master Builders (UK) boasts of large membership of qualified, competent and certified builders. When in need of a builder, all you need is visit the site and choose from the database. The firm also offers warranty protection.

3. Quality Workmanship

When building, renovating or repairing your home, you want to enjoy quality service right from the start. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple partition or extension, or a complete makeover. This is why you are always encouraged to deal with a competent, skilled and certified builder. In line with their goal of promoting standards of excellence, adopting the best practices and maintaining professionalism, FMB regularly trains their members on different aspects. They also hold seminars that discuss the issues that face the industry and how best to resolve them. By dealing with a registered member of the association, you are guaranteed quality workmanship.

4. Professionalism

In a recent development, a customer complained about paying a builder to renovate his home only for the provider to disappear after receiving about £24,000. Not only did the owner lose money but had his dreams shattered. To avoid such issues, you should always engage an FMB in all your building projects. All the members go through a strict vetting process to ascertain their competence, integrity and track record. Any member who doesn’t meet the criteria isn’t allowed to join. The association goal in doing this is to protect both its members as well as the public.

5. Warranty Protection

The last thing you want is for your nearly-renovated or constructed home to start crumbling within a short time. This is normally attributed to inexperience, incompetence or negligence. To guarantee prospective customers of quality service and professionalism from their listed members, FMB offers warranty protection for all work done by its members. Not only do you get maximum satisfaction but peace-of-mid as well.

Building your dream home shouldn’t be an uphill task. Renovating your office doesn’t need to be a scary affair. You also shouldn’t worry about a builder’s experience, competence or integrity when engaging one. What you need is finding a firm that is registered with the Federation of Master Builder, UK.

Best Glaze is proud of being an authorised member of the building association and has been in the uPVC trade for many years. We provide a range of services including uPVC Windows & Doors, refurbishment, repairs, Conservatories, Conservatory Roof Replacements, Orangeries, Extensions and much more. Our firm is a friendly, family-run business which is comprised of highly-skilled and qualified workers that provide a quality service at all times. For added peace-of-mind, all of our work is insurance backed. Talk to us today and enjoy high-quality workmanship, professionalism and maximum satisfaction.

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