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How to Do a Self Survey Windows and Doors Quotes

If you’re in need of new windows and doors but don’t want to spend too much time or money, then this is the guide for you! All it takes is a few measurements and your window survey sheet will be complete. Once you have everything measured, send it over to Best Glaze for a free estimate on replacement windows and doors. It’s that easy!

Self Survey Tips

Measuring windows and doors accurately isn’t that difficult. We’ve got three tips to help you get the right measurements the first time.

  • Use a tape measure with metal, clear markings.
  • Measure from reveal to reveal, or brick to brick.
  • Deduct 10mm from the height and width of the opening.
  • Measure three times and use the smallest measurement.

Following these tips will mean you finish measuring each window and door quickly. Your survey and form will also be accurate and ready to use.

Take Photos of Each Window and Door

As part of the window survey process, take a photo from each side of every window and door. This will be important later when you are comparing replacement windows to your originals. Be sure to number each photo or name the file so you (and us) can identify which window we are looking at when we prepare your free quote.

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Download a Free Template for Your Measurements

Download our free window survey template for measuring windows and doors.

How to Record Your Measurements and Details

Take a moment to review your window survey sheet and fill in all the details. Be sure you know which window is which and you have a consistent way of referring to them.

Measure the width of each window or door. Remember to measure three times and use the smallest measurement. Also, remember to deduct 10mm from your measurements.

Next, measure the height of each window or door. Again, it’s important to measure from the reveal to the reveal. What is a reveal? It’s the visible edge. Measure all the window width and height you can see.

For square or angled bay windows, measure each individual window facet. Each face, as well as the overall area of the bay window, should be measured. Ensure you note on the self-survey template that these form part of a bay. If possible, take measurements for angles and the number of facets in order to make this process easier!

Adding Your Window Measurements to the Survey Sheet

Your survey sheet has space for six windows. You could also use these spaces for doors. Each space has room for technical information about your door. Here’s a quick guide:

Location. Please tell us where the windows are located. Your description should match your photos.

Width and Height. Again, please measure from one visible edge or reveal to the other. Also, remember to deduct 10mm from every measurement of the Window.

Product. In this section, it refer to the list of products in the second section to describe your current windows. Here are some options:

  • Casement windows
  • Sliding sash windows
  • Angled bay windows
  • Square bay windows

If you’re measuring doors, please include the product type for each door as well. Possible options include:

  • Composite front door
  • Back door
  • French doors
  • Patio door
  • Bi-fold door

In the box, please draw or sketch the window or door as it appears from outside your home. We’re not looking for the next great artist, just do your best on the form.

Add the name or number of the photo of the windows on the lines provided.