Self Survey Windows and Doors

Self Survey Windows & Doors

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Self Survey Tips

Measure all windows and doors from reveal to reveal or brick to brick for both width and height measurements.

  • Take x3 measurements of height & width
  • Use the smallest measurement
  • Deduct 10mm from height & width
  • Note the measurements on survey sheet

Take Photos

  • Take pics of all windows & doors
  • Label them or number them
measuring self survey tips

How to measure windows

How To Record Measurements

Take clear photos of each individual window and door you want to quote for. Make sure the photo composition includes the entire window or door and the area that immediately surrounds the window or door. Do not zoom in to show just isolated fragments or details.

Remember to label each window or door clearly, something that you will easily recognise a few days later on your paperwork. Also, remember to deduct 10mm from the height & 5mm from each side of the smallest measurements.

We are happy for you to self-survey Windows & Doors, for whatever reason you may want to measure your own, we have a downloadable survey sheet that you can fill in and email back to us with your measurements included.

For square or angled bay windows measure each individual window facet as described above but ensure to note as prescribed on the self-survey template that these form part of a bay. If possible measure the bay angles and note them down.

Hand draw basic designs and complete specification details as defined on the downloadable self-survey form.

Should you have any questions or require additional guidance in completing the self-survey form give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

Send completed self-survey form along with photos and any other information that is relevant to us via email.

Let’s Do It Together

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