A Tiled Conservatory Can Combat The Effects Of Climate Change

A tiled conservatory can combat the effects of climate change by increasing the home’s energy efficiency. In addition, you can create a more livable space to enjoy year-round, with an increased sense of privacy and security. A tiled conservatory offers many advantages over glass or aluminium structures in that it is less costly to install, will not need to be replaced as often due to corrosion, and does not require additional structural support.

The rising temperatures throughout the world have been a major issue for many people and their families. One way to combat this is by installing a tiled conservatory. A tiled conservatory can provide heat insulation, so it’s perfect for those cold winter nights where you don’t want to turn on your central heating system. It also reduces the ambient noise of traffic from outside which can lead to an increased level of relaxation and peace in your home when compared with other structures such as glass-fronted extensions. This blog post will explore more reasons why getting a tiled conservatory installed should be high on your list of priorities if you live in an area where weather extremes are common during certain times of the year or if you’re just looking for ways to upgrade and add value to your home.

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Make The Most Of Your Home With A Tiled Conservatory

If you’re looking to invest in a new conservatory, then there are many reasons why choosing one of our products is the right decision. All installations come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and an insurance backed guarantee which covers labour as well.

Popular Styles Of Conservatory In Cornwall

There are many popular styles of conservatory in Cornwall, the classic glass conservatory has been a best seller for many years, however with the effects of climate change being noticed now more than ever, most homeonwers are opting for a tiled conservatory.

The way we use our homes and gardens is changing due to climate change, we now have hotter temperatures along with heavier rain and stronger winds. Older conservatories in Cornwall are no longer fit for purpose, they get too hot, too cold or leak due to the heavier rainfall and stronger winds.

Save Money On Energy Bills With A Tiled Conservatory

Installing a new conservatory is a big investment, however, you can make your old one look like it’s brand-new with just some simple tweaks. A replacement conservatory roof will give your home the safety and energy efficiency of modern construction while also adding up to 12% overall value to your home.

A replacement conservatory roof will give your home a completely new look, as well as being safer and energy efficienct saving you money on your energy bills.

The best part about having a new tiled conservatory roof installed is that it can completely change the look of your home. Besides being safer and energy efficient, you’ll also save money on your monthly utility bills!


Add Value To Your Home & Lifestyle

How A Tiled Conservatory Can Combat The Effects Of Climate Change

The materials you choose for your conservatory roof will go a long way to determining the style and feel of your home, but it can be difficult to know which is right. Choosing from our range of systems gives you plenty more choice in terms of design, size and heat insulation properties – not only that we have solutions for new builds or old buildings alike!

Choosing whether or not to install an extension at all comes with its own set of problems; choosing what material should make up the rooftop has even more considerations than just aesthetics alone. Whatever type best fits into both current and future plans (be they aesthetic/practical), there are many different choices on offer: metal roofs catch less light while also being very durable whereas slates offer a traditional aesthetic that is suited to any style of home.

If you are the proud owner of a traditional style home, it is best to go for either an all-solid tiled roof or our high performance hybrid roof option. If you happen to live in one of those modern homes with contemporary lines, your LivinRoof would be perfect!

We have been installing conservatories in Cornwall for over 20 Years and are aware of different styles of houses and which types suit them better. A more traditional looking house will benefit from either a solid tile roofing material or our High Performance Glazing system while newer styled homes would do well with out Contemporary Hybrid Roof called the LivinRoof.

A tiled conservatory essentially transforms a conservatory into an extension adding comfort, energy efficiency and security. Our solid tiled roof system is fire rated and has one of the best U-values on the market.

Are you tired of feeling boxed in your own home? Luckily, our hybrid conservatory roof offers homeowners the freedom to choose any configuration of glass and solid panels. This means that no matter what room you’re looking for a little bit more light or an even greater view than can be found from within four walls alone- it’s yours!

High-Performance glazed roofs are suited to almost any style of property and are a great way of bringing the outdoors inside.

Solid Tiled Roofs

The Ultraroof is the strongest and lightest solid tiled roof, which never needs a tiebar allowing you to create beautiful vaulted ceilings with uninterrupted lines. Homeowners looking for conservatories in Truro often choose an Ultraroof because it blends seamlessly with the property due to the natural looking slate tile aesthetics.

Livinroof solid conservatory roof

LivinRoof Hybrid Conservatory Roof

A hybrid roof is suited to most builds as it allows any combination of Aluminium and Glass panels to create the perfect roof for your living space. If you are looking for the security of a solid roof and the natural light you get from a classic roof. A lot of conservatories in Truro now have a Livinroof due to its versatility and flexibility.

The Ultrasky is a lantern roof, this is perfect for GRP Warm roofs, creating a roof that will last for years. Perfect for conservatories in Truro and the Cornish weather conditions. The Ultrasky lantern comes with self-cleaning and thermally efficient high-performance glass, the thermally broken frame is the strongest on the market and will withstand any weather without leaking.

Ultraframe conservatory roof conversion near me

Get The Most From Your Conservatory With Our Services In Cornwall

A conservatory is a fantastic way to bring the outside in, especially when you live somewhere as beautiful as Cornwall. It’s also an excellent way to create much needed extra space for your home without having to worry about it being too hot or cold during certain seasons of the year. However, not all houses that have them are created equal!

Our replacement conservatory roof service in Cornwall can transform an any old conservatory into a cosy, safe extension of your home that can be enjoyed all year round no matter what the weather is like.

Best Glaze promises to provide you with the conservatory roof that best suits your needs. If you want a high-performance glass roof, we have it! Or if what’s more important is creating an entertaining space for guests and family alike; try our solid lightweight tiled roofs. For those who are indecisive or simply cannot decide between these two great options: check out hybrid conservatory roofs today!

Best Glaze offers a variety of different types of conservatories to suit whatever need may arise in Cornwall. We can create ‘real rooms’ where people can entertain their friends by installing one of our highly flame retardant lightweight tiles. Alternatively, opt for an all-glass or polycarbonate roof if you are working to a budget.


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