There are several ways to keep a conservatory cool, allowing you to enjoy your room even during the summer months when conservatories usually get too hot to enjoy.
We have top tips that will help you get the most out of your conservatory and prevent your room from getting too hot.

During the summer most homeowners begin to wonder how to keep a conservatory cool, older conservatory roofs such as polycarbonate or older glass conservatory roofs do not regulate the heat very well which means during the winter they are too cold to use, homeowners usually wait until the warmer months before using their conservatories again only to find they are actually too hot to enjoy.

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How To Keep A conservatory Cool

Put Up Conservatory Blinds

Installing conservatory blinds helps to keep a conservatory cool by preventing the suns rays from fully entering the room which will help to regulate the temperature and protect the furniture in the room from fading in the sun.

Blinds can also be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical in both the summer and the winter. During the winter blinds will prevent heat from escaping and help to keep your conservatory warmer.

Install Air Conditioning

Portable air conditioning units are affordable with some units starting from as little as £250 making them an inexpensive way of cooling a conservatory down.
The main drawback to portable air conditioning units is that they are incredibly noisy. I have installed one in my bedroom and it’s nice to take the heat out of the room before going to bed, but it would be difficult to sleep with it running.

Some of the more expensive portable air conditioning units are triple function, air conditioning, heating or dehumidify.

Portable air conditioners (PACs) are measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). The higher the BTU number the larger the room can be cooled. The higher the BTU the bigger the price tag. As a rough guide, a 9,000 BTU air conditioner will efficiently cool a room of 40 cubic metres, measure your room to work out what size air PAC you will require.

Most portable air conditioners range from 50-55 decibels, the more you spend the quieter the machine will be – This video will give you an idea of the air conditioner noise when running:

Cooling Film Can Keep A Conservatory Cool

Modern glazing already has a layer that acts in the same way as ‘Cooling film’ or ‘solar window film which is an aftermarket adhesive layer that is added to older conservatory roofs resulting in around 78% of the sun’s rays being reflected away from the conservatory roof.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to keep a conservatory cool then this could be the solution for you, with prices starting at around £15 per roll this D.I.Y method could save you money.

There is also a film that can be used on a polycarbonate roof which will also reflect up to 75% of the suns rays.

conservatory glass films

Choose The Right Furnishings

Choosing the right furnishings for your conservatory interior will play an important role in keeping your conservatory cool.

Consider using light colours such as white or cream for the walls, light fabrics for the furniture, avoid using leather furniture altogether.

6 Ways To Keep A Conservatory Cool

Ventilation Ventilation Ventilation

Did I mention Ventilation? As simple as this sounds, opening all the doors and windows first thing in the morning will help to keep a conservatory cool.

Adding a roof fan can help increase the air circulation, retrofitting velux windows or opening vents can also help keep a conservatory cool.

The best way of of keeping a conservatory cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months is with a replacement conservatory roof.

ventilation keep a conservatory cool

Conservatory Roof Replacement

Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid tiled roof is the most expensive way to keep a conservatory cool out of all the options but in the longer term it’s more affordable than you might think and with benefits that outweigh the short term solutions:

  • A cooler conservatory during the summer months
  • A warmer conservatory in the winter
  • Improved thermal efficiency means lower energy bills
  • Less environmental noise than polycarbonate or glass roof
  • Low maintenance
  • Less prone to leaking
  • More secure
  • Fire-rated
  • Plastered ceilings
  • No tiebars
Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof

Types Of Conservatory Roof

When choosing a replacement conservatory roof there are a number of options available to homeowners offering flexibility in style:

If you are reading this article then your conservatory most likely has have either an older glass or polycarbonate roof as they both haved poor insulating properties and allow sunlight to enter into the room heating it up making it too hot in the summer, and allowing heat to escape in the winter.

Solid roofs keep the sunlight out and the heat inside. Replacement conservatory roofs with lightweight tiles, or composite panels have a fantastic U-rating resulting in a room that can be enjoyed by the whole family the whole year round.

Conservatory Roof Costs

Replacing your conservatory roof with a solid tile conservatory roof or a modern glass panel roof may seem like a big expenditure compared to putting up blinds or installing a portable air conditioning unit, however, a good quality and well installed solid roof will save money on energy bills and add value to your home and your lifestyle.

Replacement conservatory roof prices vary depending on the style, size and material, this means prices can range from as little as £2,000 up to £15,000 at the high end.

There are also installation costs to consider, paying the cheapest installer isn’t always the best or advised, shop around and get a few quotes for comparison from reputable conservatory installation companies.

Free No Obligation Conservatory Roof Installation Quotes

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