During the winter most homeowners start to wonder how to make a conservatory warmer, older conservatory roofs such as polycarbonate or older glass conservatory roofs are not very thermally efficient so they do not regulate the heat inside the room, this results in a freezing cold space during the winter and an unbearably hot room during the summer. There are ways to make a conservatory more useable the whole year round without requiring a completely new build.

Many homeowners with older conservatories seek to make a conservatory warmer during the winter months. Traditional conservatories become unusable in winter as they tend to be draughty and leak allowing rainwater into the home. It doesn’t have to be this way, there are numerous ways to make a conservatory warmer, ranging from clever life hacks that will make your room more useable to full transformations that will add value to your home and your lifestyle.

Best Glaze LTD is a specialist installer of conservatories, we supply and install Ultraframe conservatories market-leading products ensuring a sound investment for our customers. A conservatory installation is a big home improvement project which can add up to 12% overall value to your home so it’s important to choose a reputable product and installer.

Don’t put up with a leaky, draughty freezing cold conservatory – Waiting for summer only to find out that the room is now too hot to enjoy anyway! Transform your conservatory into a beautiful living space that can be enjoyed the whole year-round, with a range of stylish products to offer, we can help you create your dream home extension become a reality.

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Why Is My Conservatory Cold?

Your conservatory could be could for numerous reasons, poor performance can be caused by poor installation as well as the building materials.


If your conservatory has a polycarbonate roof it has no thermal resistance, this allows heat from your home to escape via the roof as well as allowing the cold to enter. Polycarbonate is an inexpensive material that has almost zero insulating properties, allowing cold air to enter your home. During the summer months, polycarbonate roofs allow the heat to enter the room with very little resistance leaving homewoners seeking ways to keep a conservatory cool.


Build issues account for a large percentage of leaks and draughts, Polycarbonate for instance isn’t airtight, this encourages the build-up of condensation inside of the support beams, this may not sound like a serious issue but it can lead to expansion and subsequent cracking of the channels which creates draughts that enter your home causing it to feel cold and cost you money on energy bills.


Polycarbonate has a lifespan of around 10 years if it is well looked after, it becomes easily damaged in poor conditions which cause leaks and draughts.

Rubber seals can also be damaged when expeosed to the weather leading to water ingress or panels slipping. Whilst a good maintenance routine will extend the longetivity of your conservatory, it will not make a conservatory warmer without some extra steps.

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Make A Conservatory feel Warmer With Accesories

As most heat is lost through the roof and the glazing, heat loss can be limited by installing conservatory blinds on both the roof and the windows and doors. These will also prevent excess heat from building up during the summer months, but a good quality blind must be used to prevent the sun from fading the colours.

Conservatory blinds can also be installed in our ‘Classic Conservatory Roof’ at the time of installation into specially designed tracks concealed within the glazing bars, these can also be retrofitted at a later date with ease thanks to this clever design. Blinds are recommended even with modern glass roofs because they can prevent furniture from becoming sun-bleached and offer a shaded area to sit out of the sun.


The right choice of furnishings can also make a conservatory warmer, strategically placed rugs and a throw on the seating can all create a feeling of warmth. This is more of a hack than a way to actually make a conservatory warmer, furnishings can be bleached by the sun or go mouldy in a cold conservatory. Updating to a modern conservatory roof is the best way to make a conservatory warmer.


Conservatory heaters can be expensive, you can buy a freestanding oil filled radiator which cost a few pence an hour to run and will make a conservatory warmer, reducing condensation and damp. These are a fantastic way to warm up a conservatory as they only cost around £30 to buy and take up very little space.

A Replacement Conservatory Roof Can Make A Conservatory Warmer

Perhaps the best way to make your conservatory warmer is with a replacement conservatory roof. The largest percentage of heat lost in your conservatory will be through the roof. Replacing a traditional polycarbonate or glass roof with a modern solid tiled conservatory roof will prevent any heat loss through the roof and prevent a build-up of heat during the summer.

With Best Glaze LTD, you can replace your old roof with modern, thermally efficient double glazed panels or lightweight tiles. These materials offer amazing energy efficiency and totally transform an old conservatory into a glass extension on your home.

With ourclassic conservatory roof‘, traditional conservatory style combined with modern manufacturing techniques offers greater thermal control with modern glass panels and glazing bars with hidden purge ventilation reducing a build-up of heat and condensation. This combination of modern design and traditional style suits any property and is one of the most popular replacement conservatory roofs on the market.

With a solid or tiled conservatory roof, you will not only instantly make your conservatory warmer you will be transforming the room into an extension of your home that blends seamlessly thanks to the natural look of the lightweight tiles. This is the perfect way to turn a conservatory into an office space, dining room, kitchen extension, anything you can dream of.

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Recap: 5 Best Ways To A Warmer Conservatory

  1. Install conservatory blinds on the roof and the windows and doors, these will prevent heat loss in the winter and reduce the amount of condensation in the room.
  2. Carefully choose your furnishings, use things like rugs, blankets and throws to create a warm cosy feeling in the room.
  3. Use a freestanding oil filled radiator to heat the room, they are inexpensive to buy, cheap to run and do not take up much space.
  4. Upgrade to a modern glazed roof, modern conservatory roofs are better at regulating heat loss and reflecting the suns rays than older roofs.
  5. Install a solid or tiled conservatory roof and enjoy all the benefits of a ‘real room’, plastered ceilings, insulated roof, secure and cosy.

Upgrade Your Conservatory with Best Glaze LTD

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