5 Signs Of A Bad Window Installation

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How To Tell If Your Window Installation Is Bad

Window installations are a big investment for your home so when you have forked out your hard-earned cash, you want the window installation to be done right, nobody wants sub-standard work or the frustrations that occur having a poor job rectified.

Not everybody will be able to spot the warning signs of a bad window installation, so how can you tell if your windows have been installed properly? There are several indications that a window installation is of a poor standard. Here are five warning signs of a bad window installation that every homeowner should be aware of:

bad window installations
Bad window installations cause more issues and can damage your home

Gaps In The Windows

One of the most obvious warning signs of a bad window installation would be gaps in the windows between the window frames and the sill. This is perhaps the most obvious sign of a bad install and would be apparent to homeowners for a few reasons, there will be draughts, there may be whistling, howling, or buzzing noise.

Gaps in the windows could be the result of a warped frame which could be due to poor installation or because the window itself is faulty or needs adjusting properly. A gap in the window will need rectification right away.

Gaps around the glass are a real cause for concern and a safety hazard, any gaps around the glass edge could result in the glass falling out and injuring someone. The wrong glass may have been installed in the opening or the frame size may be wrong, either way, it’s a serious matter and another obvious sign of a poor window installation, the last thing you want is a family member, child, or pet injured by falling glass.

gaps in windows
Gaps can cause draughts but are a sign of worse problems

Draughty Windows

Nobody wants a draughty window, especially when it’s probably a reason for changing your old windows in the first place. Draughty windows not only allow the air to pass directly into the room but they are incredibly thermally inefficient which results in higher heating bills, costing you money.

You made the right choice to upgrade your windows if you had draughts, but if you have changed your windows and still have draughts what should you do?

Almost all double glazed or triple glazed windows these days are manufactured to be energy efficient, there should not be any draughts coming into the home around newly installed windows, if you do feel a draught then something is not right and whoever carried out the window installation needs to be notified otherwise you will be paying extra towards heating bills until the problem is rectified.

draughty windows
Draughty windows can cost you money on your heating bills

Condensating Or Misted Up Glass Units

Double or triple glazed units and filled with an inert gas such as Argon or Krypton. Argon is used in double/triple glazing because it is six times denser than normal air, Krypton is twelve times denser than air and is also used in glazing due to the efficiency in which it can block thermal energy traveling through windows.

When Argon or Krypton filled units lose at least 80 percent of the gas the windows will begin to mist or fog up, usually this process would take up to 20 years, so if you notice condensation between the panes shortly after installation, then there is an issue with the seal between the glass and the unit will need replacing.

misted up glass

Window Operation Difficulty Or Failure

After spending your hard earned cash on a new window installation you would expect the windows to be fully operational. If you experience difficulty opening or closing any windows or doors or any other mechanical failure then there is an issue with your window installation.

Windows & doors should be fully functional & after installation the installer should walk you around the finished job and operate each window or door with you before you sign the job off as complete. If you have difficulty opening or closing windows and dooors then point this out to the installer and ask that the problems be fixed before signing any paperwork.

If you later find that windows and doors become harder to operate over time or that they blow open in the wind, or there is an issue with the units locking, this indicates problems with the window installation. Windows that haven’t been properly packed will start to drop and cause problems, this is the result of a bad window installation.

Windows or doors that blow open in the wind are a direct result of poor adjustment or bad window installation. When windows or doors blow open the locking mechanism is too far away from the frame. Clunking windows or doors during locking is often the result of the installation not being level.

Leaking Windows & Water Damage

Leaking windows are an obvious sign of a bad window installation. Leaks or water damage around the window are a homeowner’s worse nightmare. Water can cause a lot of damage to your home, and sometimes it can often go unseen for a while by which time the damage is already done.

When moisture can enter the home due to a bad window installation all sorts of problems can arise, from mold, fungus, and mildew which can cause ill health for you and your family members, to affecting the actual structure of your home. Water entering the home can be very destructive and needs to be sorted by the installation company as soon as possible.

After the installation of new windows in your home, the first time it rains you should check the window and surrounding area for any visible leaks or dampness around the area. Catching and leaks early will mean you can have the problem addressed before it becomes a bigger issue for your home and your family’s health.

What you should not do is spray a hosepipe at your newly installed windows or doors, this could cause more problems. If anyone advises you to turn the hose on your windows or doors, ignore them.

Bad Window Installation Summary

Any window installation company should ensure that all windows and doors are installed correctly and you should not have any worries about whether or not your window installation is good. Local window installation companies usually offer a fantastic after service compared to national companies that tend to be hard to get hold of after an installation is complete.

Do your research, look for a local window installation company with a good reputation. The company you choose should be Fensa registered, offer a 10-year warranty of windows, and be insurance backed.
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