A Conservatory adds so much to your home but lets focus on 5 benefits of a conservatory

Natural Light for a healthy life

One thing we have discovered during the Covid 19 pandemic is the importance of Vitamin D which we can get from natural sunlight. It is becoming increasingly reported via scientific studies about the links between exposure to natural light and improvements in our health, which also affects our productivity and happiness. More than ever, due to the pandemic, we are being advised to get daily exposure to natural sunlight where possible. We now know that getting natural light has so many health benefits, it can even make us sleep better at night. Our homes naturally feature a roof that protects us from the elements, but it doesn’t allow natural light to flood the room, unlike a conservatory!

A conservatory provides shelter from the elements but it also brings the outside indoors. It’s a living space that is not only somewhere to sit and relax with a nice gin and a good book, entertain guests or grow plants, its a room that allows beautiful natural light to flow in and provide us with so many benefits to our health and wellbeing. A Conservatory or an Orangery unifies the beauty of the outside with the comfort and style of our homes.

A room with a natural view of the world

There are more benefits to nature than just wonderful natural light of course! It’s a fact that when we spend time in nature our stress levels lower, blood pressure lowers, and our energy levels soar. Being in nature can also sharpen our focus & increase our creativity. Perhaps this is the reason that so many people love nature, however, all the positive effects that nature can have on our everyday lives is still undervalued. A recent study revealed that the average person only spent 5% of their time outside across the nation. This is a shocking statistic but also understandable, we all live busy lives and find it hard to go outside and make time for ourselves and just enjoy the moment. It’s worth remembering that nature is not only beautiful, it is also good for us in so many ways.

5 Benefits Of A Conservatory
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Useable space all year

Conservatories create extra useable spaces that are perfect for brand new homes as much as they are for an existing property. A well-built conservatory is a versatile and beautiful addition to any home. We could all use additional whether is be expanding a kitchen and dining room for a growing family or creating a stunning space for entertaining or perhaps a tranquil haven for relaxing amidst your beautiful plants whilst listening to some relaxing music. Whatever your needs, a conservatory can fulfil them in a way that other rooms of your home simply can’t compare.

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Make The Most Of Your Garden

Many of us love our gardens and this is nothing new, in fact, a love of gardening is how the Conservatory was born. The tradition of growing plants indoors dates back to the original 16th-century conservatories, which were then known as “Orangeries” due to the rooms being used to grow citrus trees in cold climates during the winter months. Since those times the use of conservatory and orangery buildings has evolved from simply being a space to grow plants to living spaces for people looking for extra space. Modern conservatories still allow you to involve as little or as much of the garden as you choose. Some prefer to keep the outside separate whilst still enjoying the view, whilst others choose to accommodate plants and even include areas for planting exotic plants like Jasminum azoricum. The Madeiran native is perfect for an Orangery as it has a delightful scent that will fill both your conservatory and your home.

A feeling of uniqueness

Whenever we see something that is unique, we’re usually drawn to it for some reason. We all want to take part and experience that in our lives. A conservatory has that unique ability to make us want it, something inside us calls to us, urging us to enter, relax and enjoy it. Many love the absolute show-stopping beauty they have created for their property. A conservatory, Orangery or Modular single story extension can look amazing both inside and outside, adding that all-important curb appeal to your home. A conservatories style reflects you because you create it in your own style for your own uses.

The benefits that you find in a conservatory are often as unique as you are yourself. There is no doubt that conservatories add more value to not only your home but to your life than a typical room addition. Conservatories provide more useful space and uniqueness, along with the added health benefits from nature and natural light exposure, and the flexibility to shape our new environment into our own special, relaxing garden spaces.  All of these things are expressed in the beautiful architecture of the conservatory. Very beneficial indeed.
What would be the most beneficial aspects of a conservatory for you and your family? To discuss your conservatory ideas, please feel free to give us a call or contact us via email, we would love to hear from you.

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5 Benefits Of A Conservatory